Uptown Spa 

Come pamper with us

Compromise is not part of our family motto nor is it our Uptown motto. We use organic, handcrafted gentle shampoos, conditioners and spa products for pampering the best customers ever. No we didn't get them from etsy, we know the wonderful couple that deliver the products right to our door. Our spa services include all the fixings. We can do a basic bath and dry. We do full service where we give a bath, anal expressions, nail trims and complimentary facial, as well as deep conditioning their skin with our leave in conditioners. We also give them breaks in between when its getting to much! WE DO NOT SEDATE our fur babies. 

What differentiates a pet groom from human you ask? Why would it take hours you may be thinking? Well, for starters we bathe daily! And we only have hair on our scalp. These fur kins shed so de-desheding treatments are an option. They need full body conditioning and washing. Their nails, very different from ours, need trims but you need to know how to cut them. Their grooming needs takes hours and has phases. So even though it would be AMAZING to be done in say 15 minutes we definitely are not. However, they sure do leave smelling great, with softened skin less dandruff build up and happy to be clean.