Pet Daycare

Come Play with us

Why daycare? It's proven by pet professionals in the field that it helps with socialization with other dogs and humans! Especially for working parents through out the week dog daycare is a challenge, we are here to help so they don't stay home all day alone, and (ahem) make some messes. It is best for puppies to come in to get all the training needed while young, it's the best type of acclimation. 

We have a full set schedule for all the pets when they stay here. The first thing for our new UP family members is a free of charge temperament test, to see what group to align them in, as they stay longer with us that changes. They have their feed times, and walking in as well. We offer lots of supervised play with their group playmates, with the team, their favorite is BUBBLE play time with safe soap bubbles. We also give lots of feedback and speak to our customers about their needs! We are here to stay Surf City and Orange County's quality pet care!