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Daycare |

Full-day    |   Over 4-hours 


Half-day   |   under 4-hours


SOCIALIZE SUBSCRIPTION    |   WEEKLY & MONTHLY                                                           MEMBERSHIPS

Designer daycare tailored for your unique pet. 


Our indoor oasis features a fairytale chic ambiance featuring built-in turf-hills (coming soon) to channel their inner wilderness.


Separate designated indoor play area for small & big dogs for the safety of all pets. 

Play areas with state-of-the-art drainage systems (few facilities do) for prime sanitation to minimize exposure to bacterial and viral diseases.

Our pets are our prized possession--we've designed a play area that keeps them safe from unpredictable safety variables while they make lifelong friends. Modern society has gifted us the opportunity to companion dogs bred from different parts of the world, each breed has particular thermal adaptations. We provide an AC | heat-controlled indoor play area to accommodate pets during extreme weathers of California: cool during California heat to prevent dehydration & heat stroke, and warm during dry|cold winter season for their cushy comfort.​

We provide a play environment that can resemble the wild outdoors while keeping them in a controlled indoor environment safe from breaking free, digging their way out, bee sting, sunburns, heatstroke, etc.

Your unique fur baby may have varied allergies from grass, bees (sometimes fatal), sensitivities, & we minimize their exposure risk.​

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About Our

Indoor Oasis

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