Cottage stay    |   private suites

Crane Villas    |   Large private suites



The Riviera​       |   Large private suite 

the cat's pajamas     |   private space

                                         exclusive for cats 







add on |

additional pet 10% off

extra handling    |   unaltered pets      

Medicine injection   |  per injection                     

Unaltered pet 

In-house food      |     Per cup

Pick up after 12pm     |    daycare fee









After hours pick-up  | first 30 min



(after 30 minutes pets will remain in our care overnight and a night boarding fee will be charged in addition to the late fee)

About our cottages 

All dog fur guests of any breed indulge in private cage-free suites.
Every suite is designed with its own unique designer motif, all guests benefit from individual custom state-of-the-art drainage we pride ourselves in.
Why is our drainage feature important?
  • Thorough sanitation after each guest's use
  • Porcelain tiled floors warrant proper sanitation via individual drains.
  • Significantly reduce odor & lingering germs
  • Mop bucket sanitation is outdated
  • Reduce chances of airborne and viral disease.
All suite doors are custom-made with heavy-duty aluminum frames with high-impact-proof tempered glass for safety.
What makes our suite doors so special?
  • Modern chic yet heavy duty 
  • Argan-gas-filled double tempered glass to incubate warmth & cool air
  • Fireproof
  • Rustproof
  • Feels like home 
All suites have walls with layers of waterproof installations with plexi glass shield to guarantee our promise for maximum sanitation practice from the walls to the floor. 
Custom modern bed frame & mattress made in multiple sizes to accommodate all dog sizes for comfort, luxury & to count sheep in style.
Relaxing classical tunes played 24/7 for calming stay along with essential oil defusers to maintain a serene environment.
Why limit the fun to daycare guests? All dogs participate in daycare activities in our play area unless requested otherwise. 
Walks are of no additional charge, neither are kisses & hugs. All feedings are included in nightly stay.
All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations, no exceptions made.